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Babick Cellars is a small exclusive winery in Enumclaw, Washington. A family owned and run business. We thrive on the help from family and friends to crush grapes, bottle and label.  What started as a hobby has evolved quickly into a goal of making the best wine possible. If you know Gary you know he doesn't do anything half way but gives it his 100%. 

You can taste this in his wine.


We have been making wine for over 14 years and never make more than 2,000 gallons per year.

Our Story

Start with the best fruit, ingredients and add the oak to taste.

Our Vision

is to make outstanding artisan wines. We believe in life’s journey, having fruit and making wine with an uncompromising view towards quality and value. Wine is an experience, a place, a time to Share with whom you choose.

Our Promise

Honesty - We wouldn't sell you anything we wouldn't serve our family or friends

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Gary Babick

After the early morning pick, the grapes are loaded and hauled across the cascades mountains, and brought to our winery to start the crushing and destemming  process. The white varietals are pressed right away and Reds go into fermentation bins where they a pressed and mashed for a week to 10 days , This is such a beautiful process the fruit smell incredible. There is so much more that goes into processing.  

The time, patience and lots of work that takes us from obtaining grapes, then pressing too oaking. Then after a year or two too bottling, labeling and then making the wine available to you our Enjoyer.


Babick Cellars Wines

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Our People

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Jeff Wagner, Chemist

"The passion and work that Gary puts into his winemaking is remarkable and his results are very fine wines! Jeff Wagner, wine chemist and student of winemaking

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Steve Moergeli

We have been helping at the Babick's for 10 years now and each time wine keeps getting better and we have more fun.